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Swiss Tax Residence is a logistic and legal project unique on a national scale, the purpose of which is to enable our clients to invest their capital in Switzerland. This country, famous for the best banking system in the world and friendly tax administration, is in our opinion an ideal direction for people for whom stable legislation, implementing the principle of citizens' trust in the state, is an important element of running a business, as well as an element of a broader view on it, how the relations between the state, the entrepreneur and the citizen should develop. The result of our activities is the transfer of a part of his capital specified by our client, to a canton selected with us. This transfer includes, in particular, the acquisition of the so-called tax plans and choosing the best one, opening a bank account, registering, renting an apartment, setting up a company, and even organizing schools or childcare. We want to take special care of our clients and help them in the perhaps difficult, first steps in a new country. Please feel free to contact us and tell us about your questions or concerns. We believe that together we will find a way to optimally secure your and your family's future.

Why Switzerland?

Why is it worth having a tax residence in Switzerland?
For many years, Switzerland has been a popular destination for emigrants, not only of Poles, but also people from all over the world. The percentage of foreigners in this small mountainous country is as high as 25%! Life in Switzerland is very comfortable and stable. No wonder that Switzerland is almost in the lead all quality of life rankings:

• ranks fourth in the "Best places to live" ranking
• in the World Happiness Report ranking it was placed fourth
• offers the highest average earnings in Europe
• is recognized as the most innovative country in the world
• it is also a leader in the rankings of press freedom, economic development, and human development
• it has a low unemployment rate

Moving to Switzerland can be a challenge. Although EU citizens have much easier, there are still many official matters waiting for you. A tax residence in Switzerland ensures total discretion and security of funds from the Polish tax office because it guarantees banking secrecy and the lack of disclosure of information financial to Poland. It must not be forgotten that the emigration to Switzerland is worth the endeavor. High income, good health system, great transport, and legislative safety and stability political, these are just some of the many aspects that make living in this country really comfortable and calm.


Tax residence is legal affiliation to the tax system in force in a given country. A tax residence is determined by various factors that make up the actual stay, office, running a business, as well as the obligation to complete a number of formalities and administrative activities, thanks to which such a residence will be rationally confirmed. The process of changing the tax residence is complex and must be carried out in a reliable and systematic manner, in which we are able to assist you with full responsibility. Although tax residence is defined by the so-called matters / interests of life or economic, there are some exceptions to this, as the nature of work or the way of life of some people does not allow to clearly define it. Therefore, in addition to the established rules, the specific conditions of the taxpayer should always be taken into account.

The key factors that indicate someone's tax residence:
– citizenship
– place of living
– staying in a given place min. half a year, literally 183 days, place of earning income(employment, company, business, investments)
– living place of the family
– public, business, sports and other activity
– elements confirming the life center, such as a bank account, car, current accounts, insurance policies, loans ...
– official documents confirming residence (certificates, attestations)
– other documents and declarations confirming the above points

The more the above criteria are met, the weaker the reasons and legal grounds for questioning tax residence, and thus the greater the tax security of a given resident. However, it should be borne in mind that these are not strict requirements, as the tax residence will always be determined by the resultant of all the above-mentioned elements. A given office or public administration body will always determine the residence on the basis of the local law and the analysis of all circumstances in order to precisely define to what extent individual criteria are met. Thanks to our contacts, many years of cooperation and experience with the Swiss administration at the federal, cantonal and local levels, we are able to improve the entire process. It is worth noting here that different countries have different regulations regarding the determination of tax residence, therefore the change of this residence should be based on the knowledge of both systems and legal requirements in this regard. The specialty of our company is full assistance in activities and procedures related to the establishment of a real and legal tax residence in Switzerland in cooperation with reputable legal and tax offices, banks, notaries, accounting offices in Poland and Switzerland.

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